Braid investigate, develop, design, test, manufacture and commercialize high technology wheels for all competition and street cars. A high qualified and specialized team works with the most innovated technology to offer top quality wheels and other products for automobile. From the headquarters situated in Igualada (Barcelona), we cover a worldwide market with a wide catalogue, where there are all kind of wheels in all dimensions and applications.


Braid is also specialized in supplying wheels for mono branded cups and championships, both rallies and circuits. Because of the unbeatable relation between quality and price, the manufacturers have chosen our wheels as an official and exclusive part to equip their cars. This tradition started back in 1988, by equipping with Serie 1 3-Piece wheel, the AX Circuit championship from Citroën. After that we start equipping the Hyundai cups, and for the next 15 years our wheels has been in all Hyundai circuits championships, starting with the Hyundai Pony Rally championship, fallowed by Accent 1 and 2 cups, Coupe Cup and Getz Cup. Also we have and are equipping championships such as Nissan Raid, Nissan 350Z Cup, Suzuki Swift Rally Cup, Mitsubishi RMC cup Fiat 500 cup and many others. Recently we got the deal to develop and fabricate the wheel 9,5"x18" with specific design for Seat Leon Eurocup. Our last collaboration has been with Peugeot Sport France, to make and equip in exclusivity the asphalt and gravel rally wheels for 207 RC.