The ET or also called OFFSET is the distance between an imaginary medium line of the rim and
                                                           its mounting face on the hub of the car.
                                                           This measure, in  millimeters, determines  the  track  of  the  car. The higher the ET, the wheels 
                                                           and  tire  accordingly, are  more  tucked  inside  the car, which decreases  the track of the car. 
                                                           Conversely, a lower ET moves the whole wheel off.

                                                           The current  vehicles  normally  have  wheels  with  ET  between  30  and 50 mm. Wheels with 
                                                           ET+60 implies that the  centre  of  the wheel is much exited in proportion to the wheel itself. An 
                                                           ET+10 imply a lot of rim with the centre deep inside the wheel.

                                                          A  negative  ET  value  indicates  that the centre's mounting face is behind the imaginary medium
                                                          line of the rim. The wheel  has  a lot of outerlip. Such is the case of the former Renault Alpine or
                                                          some 4x4 vehicles.

                                                          2 - WHAT'S THE WEIGHT OF AN ESPECIFIC WHEEL?

                                                          The  weight  of  the  same  wheel  model depends on the width, diameter, the ET, the number of
                                                          holes, the  diameter  of  implementation  of  these  same  drills  (PCD)  and  the required strength
                                                          depending on the intended use ( gravel, asphalt, hill climbing etc ).

                                                          Consequently, it is very uncertain about the weight of a wheel and to make comparisons.

                                                         All  our  wheels  are  developed  by  finite   element  computer, so  they are optimized in size and 
                                                         structure. From here, a wheel heavier than another, with other parameters being equal, it  simply 
                                                         states that it is more resistant.

                                                         Within each size reference, our range suits particular application. For example, wheels with size
                                                         7"x15", available  in  ascending    order   of   weight    and   strength   of   the  range: Winrace TA
                                                         Ligthweight,  Winrace TA,  Winrace Safari  and Winrace T Acropolis. Its use  is respectively: light 
                                                         car or mountain asphalt, asphalt normal, gravel and Gravel with stones.

                                                         In addition, starting from a specific wheel, the optional Ligthweigth version, made by request and
                                                         depending  on  the  car  and  customer  requirements, can adapt the weight and strength to each 

                                                         3- WHICH WHEELS ARE AVAILABLE FOR MY CAR ?

                                                        All. As manufacturers, we  are  able to manufacture any width, diameter and ET required. We are
                                                        not limited to the typical warehouse stock with some specific features waiting for someone to ask 
                                                        exactly  what  is  available. Another  thing   is  that  what  you  want  is compatible  with  your car 
                                                        regarding  brake  calipers, wheel  arches, regulations,  etc.  But   from   our  site, there  aren't any
                                                        problems to make the wheels exactly as you want.

                                                        Feel  free  to  contact  us  for  any  enquiry and we will make sure you get best possible solutions
                                                        as per your needs.

                                                       4- WHERE CAN I BUY YOUR PRODUCTS ?

                                                       We have distributors in most countries. They are the best by proximity and information to help you. 
                                                       If  you  do  not  know  the  dealer, please  contact  our  sales department and we will inform about
                                                       their contacts.

                                                      5- WHAT IS THE MINIMUM QUANTITY OF ORDER AND DELIVERY TIME ?

                                                     The  minimum  quantity  is always 1. Meaning: there is no minimum or maximum amount of product to
                                                     Our streamlined industrial structure allows us to process any order volume.
                                                     The delivery time depends very much on the uniqueness of the order  and  the  build up time of year.
                                                     It   can   vary   from   a   few   hours   to  several  days. Our  flexibility   allows   us   to  resolve  any
                                                     "hopeless" case.