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december, 2020

Exploring the Arabian Desert.

Despite the hard time we are facing with the pandemic striking all aspect of our society, our thrive to compete, to succeed and to make the sport grow is far greater. Rally Dakar 2021 will resume its exploration of the vast Saudi Arabia desert.

As it couldn't be otherwise, BRAID will continue being an important partner for the teams. Our professional talent, passion for motorsport and hard work resulted in high performance off-road wheels, such as the Fullrace B, Fullrace Dakar and Beadlock wheels, to help the drivers and navigators reaching the ambitious targets they have set.

Finally, responding to the desire to meet again with the legend of the race, Rally Dakar 2021 reopened the door to vehicles of the previous century in a new category, the "Dakar Classic".

4x4 + Buggy